Through technology and innovation, we’re executing major capital projects designed to yield decades of energy. Once on line, our newest generation of producers will help fuel the world’s growth for years to come.

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One of the largest global natural gas projects is primed to power the Asia-Pacific region.


One of Australia’s most significant resource projects is expected to be an important pillar of the Australian economy for decades to come.

jack/st. malo

In the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, we’re taking deepwater technology to new heights—nearly 30,000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface.

tengiz expansion

For more than 20 years, we’ve been operating one of the world’s deepest supergiant oil fields and supporting local communities in Kazakhstan.

big foot

The Big Foot Field is estimated to contain total recoverable resources in excess of 200 million oil-equivalent barrels.

mafumeira sul

The second stage of this project continues Chevron’s commitment to Angola.

the permian basin

An engine of America’s energy resurgence is delivering transformational growth for us.


Technological innovation is unlocking the potential of this gas condensate field in the
North Sea.

Angola LNG

This liquefied natural gas plant is one of the largest energy projects on the African continent.